Time keeps on slipping, into the future.

So, we have two things to discuss.

One – the future of this blog due to development number two.
Two – the fact I now work for Macmillan Cancer Support, yes, that’s right, full time, real deal, awesome employment. Unsurprisingly, I am quite pleased.

I’ve been at Macmillan five weeks now, and I am still enjoying the work, the challenges and the people I work with. Not just because they bring in baklava. Oh no. But partly. At some point I may write a bit more in-depth about my role and my hopes for it.

But, as for this blog, I’m still feeling a stronger urge towards micro-blogging, as WordPress makes me feel like I should be writing something worthy for the ages and time is not on my side. Regardless, I will be having a think about it.