Shoddy service from

Oh dear. Another case of bad customer service for my blog.

Having ordered a pair of audio-technica ON3 I've found the fit to be absolutely rubbish. Which is a shame because the audio quality is pretty good. I'm quite a fan of the brand too. But these silly headphones can either extend OR swivel …not both. Which means a comfortable fit for someone with a decent sized noggin is impossible. Surely that must be faulty. have refused to return them due to hygiene. At this point I should state they're entirely external headphones that just sit on the outside of the ear.  Hmm. Not quite in-ear.

They also charge a restocking fee, which is illegal.

I've been told to play around with and adjust the headphones for a better fit. Well that isn't going to make them wider now is it?

Think they shall be receiving a phone call next week assuming I can find a telephone number.

They're no Amazon that's for sure!


@conorfromorange #orange worst service ever

So I offer a semi-apology for this blog post, as it was never my intention to use it for this sort of thing, but I feel a record of it somewhere is required.
I have been a long standing customer of Orange (9 years), but now I feel I am obliged to leave after receiving the worst customer service I have ever received from any company.
Last Thursday, I phoned the retentions department and agreed a deal with one of Orange’s representatives. I am currently on a sim-only contract, but he agreed to sign me up to a 2 year contract;
-with a HTC Desire HD for 199 pounds, discounted by 46 pounds so that I paid 153pounds for the handset
-400 minutes, unlimited texts, unlimited internet
-£20 a month line rental
I was somewhat pleased with this deal and glad that I could stay with Orange with my same number. The advisor informed me that I should receive a text either Friday or yesterday to let me know when the handset was ready, as it was in testing still. We had an extensive conversation about the merits of the phone.
By the end of Monday, I had not received a text, so I phoned retentions and spoke to a female representative, who informed me the handset was still in testing and that she would send me a text message today, that there were 800 available. At 16h00 today I realised I had not yet received a text message, so I spoke to the retentions department again.
Here is where the service became truly appalling. I spoke to a different representatives, whose name unfortunately I neglected to write down as I was so upset. However I have been informed by a customer service representative that Orange records and log all their calls and that the company should be able to retrieve his name. He informed me in fact, that as I was not 90 days into my contract, that he was not able to look into the system to even consider offering me an upgrade, and that I shouldn’t have been offered a new contract at all. He denied the calls ever took place, at least with his department and stated the Desire HD was out of stock, despite it not even being on the website yet. When I put it to him these conversations had taken place, he repeatedly asked me where was the phone then if I was telling the truth, which I found quite offensive. I am deeply offended by the service I received by this representative and indeed, the previous representatives I spoke to as they may have lied to me. The only thing he could do was suggest I call back when the 90 days were over, and try again at getting another deal. Effectively, he offered me zero help. He also told me if I wanted to complain, I would have to write to Orange, taking four weeks for a response. No mention of their email.
So now I am left without a deal or a new phone, and the prospect of having to fight for a decent deal again at the end of this month. I am in no mood for this, having been offended by Orange’s service and I would rather leave than be faced with this indignity.
I would ask that in order to save Orange the loss of a loyal customer, who is exploring avenues for a more formal complaint to OFT, that they honour my original deal asap (or better, frankly) and that I receive an apology, that all the staff involved in this matter are dealt with accordingly.
However, I am not holding my breath. I’ve sent an email to Orange Customer Services and will be writing to them in the coming days.