Knives. Tools first, Weapons second

This article really upset me.

Basically, a disabled pensioner got prosecuted for having a swiss army knife, a tool first and foremost, in his glove compartment. How is that even remotely reasonable? The guy cuts up fruit with it for his elderly wife! It was in pouch, in his glove compartment.

While it’s perfectly possible to harm someone with a SAK, it’s also possible to hurt them with a pen. A SAK is an awful weapon because the blade doesn’t lock. If you try to stab someone, you could collapse the blade on your fingers. You’re much better off using a kitchen knife. Are you going to ban those too?

Shame on the police for prosecuting this man. The law is there to protect people, not to be abused.

I often think the NRA in America are nightmarish, but I guess to anti-knife crime campaigners that’s what I would sound like. But a knife isn’t a gun. It’s a tool first, a weapon second. Try eating your food with plastic. I also read an article today about an elderly couple that had metal spoons taken off them. What an embarrassment.

Furthermore. Ebay. Your new weapon policy is a joke. Banning craft knives and multi-tools for sale? People wonder why kids don’t do anything but play video games? Try cutting up an airfix kit with plastic!

I don’t carry my SAK due to stuff like this. I love my SAK Ranger, I use it around the house to fix things, I use it to repair my computer. Even though I’ve long since fallen out with the person who gave it to me, I treasure it for the amazing gift and tool that it is. Tool, not a weapon.