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I rather foolishly shared the Kony 2012 video going around. I’d heard of Invisible Children back when I was interning with the APPG and had liked some of their work. Unfortunately it transpires Invisible Children may be funding the Ugandan army, which has a spotty record re human rights. Thanks to Jude for opening my eyes on that one.

Anyway, have a read

At least they’re raising awareness right? Well, if you raise awareness & support for a group that may make things worse, was the awareness all that good?

This is not an new issue. It’s been going on for years and it’s far too complex to compress down to a 30 minute video.

Social media lends itself to trendy campaigns where people can buy things or sit down in places and do the “bare minimum”. Well, if you really want to affect real change, it takes money and it takes a lot of hard, grinding work.


May I Pinterrupt?

I have to admit, I got pretty bored of Pinterest for my own use quite quickly. I am slightly more amused by the male versions that have popped up, but it’s still more effort than I’m willing to go to. It doesn’t help there’s no Android app.

That said, I think it’s brilliant for organisations and I’m loving what UNICEF has done for theirs. I’ve already used it at Macmillan to spotlight some of our more photogenic events and I’m hoping everyone will pitch in to add content. The single pin uploading thing is frustratingly slow – if anyone knows a way around this, please let me know.

Also, thanks to our wonderful Creative team, Macmillan’s social media presence finally looks like it belongs in this decade (see our Twitter). While we debated the loss of the info we had on there, it was pretty obvious that until brand pages roll out (or maybe not even then) no one looks at twitter backgrounds. So we may as well go minimalist. It’s also great that an organisation with an insane number of accounts has a standard set of imagery to work from.

I’m working on launching FB timeline soon once we get around the whole destruction of landing tabs things. Quite excited, especially as we’re so close to a 100,000 users, which isn’t bad considering we’ve only used FB advertising for a small percentage of that.

I’ll link it when it’s good and ready.