Shoddy service from

Oh dear. Another case of bad customer service for my blog.

Having ordered a pair of audio-technica ON3 I've found the fit to be absolutely rubbish. Which is a shame because the audio quality is pretty good. I'm quite a fan of the brand too. But these silly headphones can either extend OR swivel …not both. Which means a comfortable fit for someone with a decent sized noggin is impossible. Surely that must be faulty. have refused to return them due to hygiene. At this point I should state they're entirely external headphones that just sit on the outside of the ear.  Hmm. Not quite in-ear.

They also charge a restocking fee, which is illegal.

I've been told to play around with and adjust the headphones for a better fit. Well that isn't going to make them wider now is it?

Think they shall be receiving a phone call next week assuming I can find a telephone number.

They're no Amazon that's for sure!


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